Best of Web – Ella McQuaid

Best of Web – Ella McQuaid

This smoke tornado in a bubble created by Dustin Skye takes advantage of the pressure gradient from inside the bubble to outside, as well as the angular momentum created by blowing the smoke into the bottom of the bubble, to “pull” the smoke into the smaller area of the bubble’s opening and create a vortex. I enjoy the inversion of the tornadoes I’m used to seeing as water drains downward out of an opening due to gravity, and also the pure white smoke contrasted with the iridescent colors of the bubble refracting light and the flash of fire at the end.

“Inverted fire tornado bubble” by Dustin Skye

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  • Third Prize: I haven’t seen this idea before!

  • Robbie Cooper
    Sep 14, 2022 22:57

    3rd place: I think this one is definitely underrated, I’ve never seen or could’ve imagined that a bubble filled with smoke could host a flame on top, truly amazing stuff going on there.

  • Martin Allsbrook
    Sep 14, 2022 21:50

    First Place: This is so cool! I love how much is going on at once, and the fact that it all comes together to create a vortex. Your note about it’s similarities to water draining was insightful as well.

  • Ben Carnicelli
    Sep 14, 2022 12:35

    Second Prize: This is just super cool. The combination of the surface tension, pressure gradients, and flame is super cool


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