Best of Web – Heider Iacometti

Best of Web – Heider Iacometti

This video, created by Nigel John Stanford, showcases different forms of cymatics and uses them to create music around the patterns shown at specific frequencies. What’s even more impressive is that Nigel did this while also being blind to the effects of some of the cymatics. For example, Nigel had a petri dish taped on top of a speaker which created a unique ripple effect, this was done by using a frequency tailored to the capture rate of the camera. While the camera was capable of capturing the pattern of the liquid (which was chilled vodka), all Nigel was able to see was a lot of rippling. The other cymatic that he couldn’t see himself was the stream of water attached to the drum. While we see a spiraling vortex in the video, the effect in person is simply a messy spay of water. Both of these can be tricky because if the capture rate of the camera was too high, or low, the effect would be limited or fall apart entirely.

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  • Cole Smith
    Sep 14, 2022 21:44

    Third – I’ve seen these effect on fluids and solids by music and sound before, and it always really interests me, so the quality of this video and their incorporation of these effects into a music video is really interesting.

  • Ella Mcquaid
    Sep 14, 2022 10:31

    Third – Seeing the different ways musical vibrations can affect different types of fluids was fascinating and very entertaining. Was that a Reuben’s Tube with the fire?


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