Best of Web – Kendall Shepherd

Best of Web – Kendall Shepherd

Corrie White is a self-taught liquid drop photographer from the Netherlands. Their website, Liquid Drop Art, hosts a large variety of their photography, much of which relates to flow visualization. Not only do they have art of liquid drops, they also have photographs of smoke plumes, liquid flow, soap films, and liquid jets.

This image, part of the Above & Below category, involves the dropping of a dyed cream into the water (which creates the smoke billows below) and then a drop of colored water immediately after (which produces the fluorescent colored mushroom above). What drew me to this image in particular, was not only the brilliantly blue and pink mushroom on top, but also the more gentle orange, blue, and green mushrooms formed under the surface.

In this image we can see different forces at play like gravity, surface tension, and drag.

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  • William Watkins
    Sep 12, 2022 10:41

    2nd Place: I really admire the colors in this image. I love how the contrast of colors compliment each other. It was very well done.


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