Best of Web – Liquid Mirror Vortex – John Whiteman

Best of Web – Liquid Mirror Vortex – John Whiteman

In this video The Slow Mo Guys use a blender to create a vortex of liquid gallium, a shiny metal, to create beautifully reflective visualizations of the vortex flow. What really stands out to me is all the different ways the gallium bounces and reflects the different colors of light once the multicolored LEDs are used as light sources for the vortex which also adds extra context to a lot of the flow since it looks like different parts of the vortex are pushing together and pulling apart all the time. The constant shift of the reflected light from nothing to blue to red and back to nothing has a mesmerizing sort of beauty. Even without all the neon LED lights, the liquid gallium has an incredibly unique texture that is fun to watch swirl around and collapse in on itself.

Images taken from The Slow Mo Guys, full video below:

A “valley” of gallium in the center of the blender whirlpool

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