Michael Becerra – Fall 2023 Get Wet

Michael Becerra – Fall 2023 Get Wet

2023 Get Wet

The photo taken is of a lava lamp experiment I performed using three fluids with varying densities; These include oil, water and oobleck. The colors were created using red and blue water soluble food coloring in combination with the effects of an alka seltzer tablet reacting to water. Originally the food coloring droplets would sink to the bottom layer of oil, but when the tablet reacts with the water, it creates carbon dioxide filled bubbles. This reaction breaks the surface tension that prevents the food coloring droplets from mixing into the water and creates a colorful display of bubbles and swirls. Some of these droplets mix with the bubbles which rise to the top of the oil layer before sinking back down a further mixing into the water. The addition of oobleck was just a curiosity of mine since I wanted to see if a non-newtonian fluid would enhance the overall effect.

I also included a video here to showcase the experiment up until the photo was taken:

Photo Camera Settings:
Cannon EOS 1500D (T7 Rebel)
F 5.6
1/1000 Shutter

Bradley Schumacher for assisting in taking the photo and experimental set-up

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  • Corey Murphey
    Sep 18, 2023 13:23

    The colors here are great. Thanks for attaching the video – I think the video very clearly illustrates what you were depicting and provides some context that may not have been obvious from the still image. That said, I think you chose some that is rather difficult to capture in a still image and still managed to depict the dynamics effectively. Good work.


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