Rachel Marbaker – Get Wet 2023

Rachel Marbaker – Get Wet 2023

This photo shows water from a faucet interacting with honey on glass plate. The water is flowing fast and the disruption creates turbulence which interacts with the highly viscous honey.

The set up for this photograph: A white cutting board across the sink was lit with an LED from below. A white piece of paper further diffused the light and obscured any smudging on the cutting board. The paper was topped with glass, positioned underneath the faucet where the honey was placed.
flow of water from a faucet interacting with honey on a plate below
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  • Hi Rachel. This looks a little like the Kaye Effect. Try looking that up. Kaye, who discovered and published on the effect in 1963, was famous for admitting that he had no explanation for it. This was catnip to other fluids researchers but it was 40 years before a partial explanation emerged.


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