Patrick Watson – Fall 2023 Get Wet

Patrick Watson – Fall 2023 Get Wet

2022, 2023 Get Wet
This setup was designed to show convection currents in near boiling water. Convection currents occur when a fluid is heating and cooling locally to create a change in density which then causes the hot water to rise and then cool as it reaches the free surface. The cooler water will then sink due to a higher density where it will mix with the warmer water and then circulate. in this test setup, 200 degree Fahrenheit water was poured into a 300ml clear reservoir. Then blue water color dye was placed in a small stainless cylinder. The theory is that the hot water will heat the the water color inside the cylinder and then cause it to mix with the convection currents. The stainless cylinder was then slowly placed inside the hot water. The following image was taken with a thermal imaging camera from the top down of the hot water reservoir. The rate that the water current circulates depends on the temperature difference.

Nikon D7500
ISO 1250

WatsonPatrick Get Wet

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