Alexandr Vassilyev – Team Second


Alexandr Vassilyev – Team Second

My team chose to study sand resonance for our second group assignment. Sand is a good medium for transmitting vibrations, so when it’s on a surface at a certain frequency it responds to form interesting patterns. These patterns depend significantly on the frequencies of the surface the sand is on, with different sound wave types and harmonics drastically changing the equilibrium pattern of the sand. This field of study is also known as Cymatics.

For this image in particular, the pattern was created with a 420Hz tone. The pattern forming is shown below:


Camera settings for the final image:

iPhone 13 Pro | 26mm | f1.5 | 2MP | 1462 x 1462 | ISO 100 |1/120s



The report for this project is accessible here: Team Second Report

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