Alexandr Vassilyev – Clouds First

Alexandr Vassilyev – Clouds First


Sunset with stratocumulus clouds on October 17th, 2023 at 6:59PM. Taken on Baseline & Broadway in Boulder, facing North.

Camera settings: Apple iPhone 13 Pro | f1.5 |6mp |ISO 40 | 37mm |1/121s

Edits: White balance & blackpoint slightly adjusted

Report: Clouds First Report


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  • Rachel Marbaker
    Dec 7, 2023 10:22

    The color and movement of this image are incredible, and leave me curious about the framing – what did the back ground sky look like? how about the edges of the cloud?

  • Ari Matrajt Frid
    Dec 1, 2023 18:24

    The colors in this image are very nice but I think zooming out a little bit would make the frame more dynamic


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