Clouds First – Bradley Schumacher

Clouds First – Bradley Schumacher

The above image shows what I believe to be stratocumulus clouds above Boulder around sunset on 10/17/23. I increased the saturation as I thought it highlighted the detail in the clouds more and made the image more dramatic. The reflection of light from the sunset off the massive sheet of clouds rolling in is stunning but also makes me feel a bit uneasy. I believe these are stratocumulus due to their sheet-like appearance with some gaps between clouds and the low altitude.

My clouds appear relatively low in the sky and based on the Skew-T diagram below, it appears these clouds are stable which I believe matches the connected, sheet-like nature of those depicted above.

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  • Ben Clairday
    Dec 14, 2023 09:56

    Hey Bradley, I really like how this cloud makes me feel like I am moving quickly past it. It has a stunning visual transcendental effect.

  • Sierra Greeley
    Nov 27, 2023 22:20

    Hello Bradley,
    I like how your image almost looks like it is moving. It is less stand still than images like mine which is very unique. It really brings your eye from the front of the clouds to the further clouds in the back.

  • Sheen Steinbarth
    Oct 22, 2023 17:19

    I like how you decided to include the shops into your photo.


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