Best of Web – Byron Pullutasig

Best of Web – Byron Pullutasig

I appreciate this video and picture because it captures potential applications of fluid visualization in both science and art. In science, the research behind Dr. Lydia Bourouiba’s is helping to understand the spread of pathogens through a person’s sneeze. It has important applications in public health and disease prevention. In addition, it captures an important phenomenon in fluid dynamics; that is multi-phase complex turbulent flow. Moreover, in art, the use of fluid visualization to capture multi-phase flow using different colors helps to create an art piece that captures the dance between gas, liquids, and solids. The beauty that is captured in this dance can contribute to making use of the different phases of a substance in art.

Video Credit:
Produced by Luke Groskin
Music by Audio Network
Video and Stills by Lydia Bourouiba, John Bush, Shutterstock, Prelinger Archives

Image Credit:
Lydia Bourouiba

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