Meg Ivy // 4D Flow MRI

4-D MRI flow

Meg Ivy // 4D Flow MRI

Using 4D-MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), doctors can diagnose and track cardiac disorders by visualizing fluid flow through various valves and chambers in the heart. The image shown above displays the speed and direction of blood flow throughout a “normal” aorta (left) and a “bicuspid” aortic valve on the right. By observing the direction and speed of flow, it is possible to determine if there are any blockages or abnormalities in the valve that may affect the flow of blood in the patient. From an aesthetic standpoint, as the blood is pumped through the aorta, the color indicating speed of flow smoothly changes along with the blood’s movement. In addition, visualization of the direction of movement and localization as the blood moves through the valve is entrancing to watch.
 Source: Northwestern Medicine
Original Author: Northwestern’s Bicuspid Aortic Valve Program
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