Best of Web

Best of Web

I would like to attribute my Best of Web submission to the Visualizing turbulence video created by Youtuber, 3Blue1Brown. In his video, he demonstrates an experiment on how to visualize turbulence within a fluid using a laser pointer and a glass rod. I believe this video or more so, this experiment creates both an artistic example of flow visualization as well as demonstrating unique physics that are involved in producing turbulence within a fluid. The patterns created by the fog ring or any disturbance swirled the fog in the room in mesmerizing patterns. With the help of the laser pointer, the illumination of the changes in the fog create an aesthetically beautiful display of motion that can be observed and studied to form a better understanding of turbulence and laminar flow.

3Blue1Brown, “Visualizing turbulence”, November 7, 2018.

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