Best of Web – Jacob Haimes

Best of Web – Jacob Haimes

The below video and image were used in the paper “High aerodynamic lift from the tail reduces drag in gliding raptors,” which was published in the Journal of Experimental Biology in February of 2020. These visualizations were created by James R. Usherwood, Jorn A. Cheney, and Jialei Song. Other contributors to the paper were Shane P. Windsor, Jonathan P. J. Stevenson, Uwe Dierksheide, Alex Nila, and Richard J. Bomphrey.

Note: The captions seen here are identical to those in the aforementioned paper, I did not write them.

“Frontal view video of Goshawk and Tawny Owl passing through illuminated bubble volume. Clips begin at the first frame the volume is illuminated. These views are for context only and were not used in the particle tracking. Recorded at 120 frames per second, shown at 24 fps. Exposure duration 1/140s, or 5/700s, resulting in exactly five 1/7000s strobe flashes each frame. Wingtip trailing vortices persist in the wake, and regions of faster downwash and associated tail tip vortices convect downward following the tail indicating a step increase in lift over the body/tail section.”
Air motions caused by gliding raptors visualized with bubbles. Photographs of a gliding barn owl (top), tawny owl (middle) and goshawk (bottom) as, or narrowly after, they passed through a 0.1 m light sheet seeded with neutrally buoyant 0.3 mm soap bubbles”
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  • Tyler Gaston
    Sep 15, 2021 09:52

    First Place – Visualizing wing vortices off of an owl is awesome.

  • Evan Hanson
    Sep 13, 2021 13:15

    First Place – This video is extremely cool and perfectly demonstrates the fluid flow under the wing of an owl.

  • Trevor Peterson
    Sep 13, 2021 10:10

    Third Place – This video shows a great set up for capturing fluid dynamics and highlights the vortices that result from wing tips. The soap bubbles do a great job of highlighting this, and the lighting for the set up also aids in capturing the image clearly.

  • Lily Pelton
    Sep 8, 2021 20:51

    Third Place – this video is slightly scary but insanely cool. The way they were able to visualize the bubbles and air flow from the wings is really impressive especially with the owl flying right at the camera.


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