Best of Web Fall 2021 – Lily Pelton

Best of Web Fall 2021 – Lily Pelton

Though sheep are definitely not actual fluid, this video of herding sheep represent visually how fluids behave. Like a compressible fluid, the herd squeezes through the gate and then spreads and decreases density as they reach the other side. The sheep conform and flow through their surroundings just like how liquid has no fixed shaped and yields to its container. You can even see vortices of sheep just like how fluids circulate in reaction to changes in speed. Video credit goes to Lior Patel
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  • Trevor Peterson
    Sep 13, 2021 10:07

    Second Place – This image is a unique visual on fluid flow as it shows the individual sheep making up the fluid. It’s interesting to see fluid dynamics phenomena at this macro scale.


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