Best Of The Web// Alexander Hernacki

Best Of The Web// Alexander Hernacki

Photograph Credit: Zhao Pan, Akihito Kiyama, Yoshiyuki Tagawa, David J. Daily, Scott L. Thomson, Randy Hurd, Tadd T. Truscott
This set of photos was captured and published in the research article, Cavitation onset caused by acceleration. The photo shows how the rapid acceleration of a fluid can result in such low internal  pressures, that the liquid will spontaneously vaporize. This is a fascinating scientific piece of work, because the visual shattering of the tube helps to emphasize the power and danger of cavitation in a way that can be hard to understand with just numbers. This is also an artistically beautiful piece, because of the stark contrast between the calm black and white gif, as well as the smooth motion of the tube and bubbles, and the sharp rapid shattering of the glass.

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  • Evan Hanson
    Sep 13, 2021 16:40

    Second Place – When I watch this video, I wonder why pockets open up after impact. Combining fluid and breaking glass gives a nice contrast of medium and makes this very interesting.

  • Zach Sorscher
    Sep 13, 2021 13:02



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