IV 4 // Heider Iacometti

IV 4 // Heider Iacometti

This shows smoke from a vape blown at a planar laser. The lasers cut the smoke in the XY plane highlighting the physics occurring in that plane at that moment. This was done with the help of Zack Herzer and Taighe Iacometti, who personally sacrificed himself and got nicsick.
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  • Alessandro Villain
    Dec 12, 2022 23:16

    I love how moody this shot, I think the grayscale color palette really adds a lot.

  • Bryce Dickson
    Dec 12, 2022 02:18

    Very cool, kind of looks like the tip of a magically imbued arrow

  • Nathan Gallagher
    Nov 30, 2022 17:14

    really awesome vortices! The color choice makes it look very sci-fi and interesting

  • Sander Leondaridis
    Nov 4, 2022 12:50

    The color and lighting of the image definitely creates a spooky scene, and has some very clear vortices.

  • Tobin Price
    Nov 4, 2022 12:46

    This pic is awesome, I’m a huge fan of the color selection and you can very clearly see some very cool flow phenomenon occurring!

  • Anders Hamburgen
    Nov 4, 2022 12:33

    This is a great technique to capture a section of the flow by turning it into a section. You can see all the vortices clearly.

  • Tristan Martinez
    Nov 4, 2022 12:32

    I like the color choice, I think the glowing green is a great contrast to the dark background.

  • Great decision that you included the laser source.

  • John Whiteman
    Nov 4, 2022 12:30

    Sweet pic Heider! I love the main vape subject in the middle, it looks to me like a murky pool of some thick liquid. I also enjoyed to overall composition with the laser’s origin and collision with the wall in frame.

  • William Watkins
    Nov 4, 2022 12:27

    I really love how you can see a plane of the smoke. It’s almost light the laser itself was flat/ rectangular.


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