Abhishek Raut – Team First

Abhishek Raut – Team First

Snap freezing supercooled water

For the Team First assignment, our team decided to capture snap freezing of supercooled water, exploring the rapid crystallization phase transition.
I utilized macro videography to capture the ice crystallization at different temperatures.
Multiple iterations led us to believe that certain temperatures closer to freezing point led to slower, planar dendritic crystallization, while colder temperatures favored faster three-dimensional crystallization.
A lot of trial and error was needed as the water did not supercool and instead just froze in the freezer if just slightly disturbed or not checked and getting too cold. Condensation also presented another issue as during the time required to take the bottle out of the freezer and position it to capture the video was enough to create a layer of condensation and obscured the internal view. To avoid this, separate research was performed to get around this issue and the team then employed different methods around this, I coated the bottles with a thin film of acetone and dishwash detergent to lower the surface tension of the condensation so that the water film forms as a thin layer and did not obscure the internal vision.

Another aspect was lighting for macro photography, I utilized a point source located at 30cm which was assume to be roughly at infinity for the photographic setup and focus.

Camera Settings:
Camera – Canon EOS 1500D
Lens – 18-55mm kit lens with macro extension tubes
Resolution – 1920X1080p at 25fps
Macro at 1:1, frame width 22.2mm

The report can be accessed here:

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  • Ari Matrajt Frid
    Dec 1, 2023 17:45

    I love the patterns this flow creates. The way you filmed it makes it very easy to see and understand what is going on


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