Ciaran Rochling // Teams 2nd // Fall 2023

Ciaran Rochling // Teams 2nd // Fall 2023

These are a series of images I took on my Canon EOS R6 MII Mirrorless camera for my Teams 2nd Assignment. This shot was made with the Help of AJ Corne, AJ Terio, and Shane Maurry. These images were made on the Flume Tube in the ITLL Basement and were made following all protocol and safety procedures. These images were shot in burst mode with a shutter speed different of time between each shot.

All of these images were shot at an aperture of f/7.1, shutter speed of 1/400s, and an ISO of 10,000. They were shot at a focal length of 54mm.

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  • Corey Murphey
    Nov 7, 2023 09:10

    I like that you chose to do shallow channel flow. The effect of the water running over the car is really cool. I also like that you included the falling water and not just the flow over the car. With just a little more editing, I think you really bring out the contrast in this image!


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