Clouds Second : Cumulus

Clouds Second : Cumulus

This is an image taken while sitting in a moving car in Kalispell, MT. The exact time was 4:14pm on September 7th, and the weather was absolutely beautiful this day. The CAPE value is exactly 0 so the atmosphere was completely stable.

 Below is an image of the unedited image

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  • Edgar Palma
    Dec 11, 2020 15:26

    I really like that the bottom portion of the image is landscape rather than all sky and clouds. Good choice.

  • Jillian Weber
    Dec 9, 2020 10:40

    I really love this photo. I love that you kept the hay bales in there, it makes everything look super idyllic and gorgeous. Great work!

  • Abdul Dawlatzai
    Dec 7, 2020 13:21

    Awesome Image! Scenery is amazing!

  • Stella Newman
    Dec 7, 2020 13:12

    I love how you included the landscape in this image, I think it frames the brightness of the clouds very nicely.

  • Megan Borfitz
    Dec 7, 2020 12:49

    I like your post-processing and how it brings out the colors in the image. I also like the framing in your image and the sense of scale. It’s very expansive and calming.

  • David Kuchta
    Dec 7, 2020 12:48

    Really beautiful image, Victoria! I really like how the hay bails and clouds oppose each other, very interesting composition. Also, great job enhancing the color in post.

  • Jacob Christiansen
    Dec 7, 2020 12:46

    So many clouds! Great job capturing them! And love the haybails


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